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Consolidate your brand name and image with In-flight Pillow Cover!!!

Ruby Print N Pack custom In – flight Pillow Cover gives you an opportunity to fortify your brand value by offering pillow cover printing services.

As leading printers in the industry, we bring you the best technology in printing services. As such, now along with providing comfort to your esteemed customers and protect your pillows from wear and tear, you can also use it to create a lasting impression on your customers with our disposable airline pillow covers with your company logo printed on it. It's Non – Woven Material. Since these pillow covers are disposable, you don't need to worry about the laundry, while taking care of the hygiene. Plus, if you have a message or a tag line to be included on the pillow cover, we can handle it too!

Depending on your exact requirements, we will give you tailor made pillow covers in the size, shape, color and quantity you need. Our services are fully scalable, as such, if you have bulk pillow cover printing needs, we can cater to it too!

What are the Ruby Features?

Ruby Print N Pack is one of the companies well-known for pillow cover printing India and has a ten plus years of experience in the field of printing. We offer a wide array of sizes, colors, styles and qualities. Listed below are some of our features which give our products an edge over competition.

  • Custom Pillow Cover Printing
  • Useful for business class as well as economy class
  • Long-lasting breathable fabric
  • Equipped with Taslim strip for Velcro attachment to facilitate easy mounting
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Helpful customer service
  • Well-equipped packing which assures safe and secure shipment

Our disposable pillow covers are made from superior PP non woven material and endowed with a soft and smooth finish for head comfort. The material is sourced from reliable vendors and is highly durable. Our pillow covers come in various sizes to fit your custom travel pillow covers.

Incorporate Advertising/Sponsorship

Modify the looks of carriage/cabin interior by getting your disposable pillow cover printing needs fulfilled from Ruby Print. Promote your brand awareness through our pillow covers which are made with customer logos.

Use of such pillow covers in flights, trains, ships, Ferries, Buses, steamers or cinema theatres ensures greater visibility of your logo. We provide printing of your name or logo and can also use your company colors or incorporate any other promotional campaign that you may adopt for your disposable pillow covers.

Take advantage of this medium to promote your brand, create a nice atmosphere and provide a level of hygiene that will be much appreciated by your customers.

Show your customers you care for them, by giving them the high quality disposable airline pillow covers.

If you are looking for pillow cover printing online, then contact Ruby Print N Pack with your requirements today and consolidate your brand value in the minds and hearts of your customers!

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