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Use a scratch and win card and see how well it works for your business. An interesting way to promote interaction with your customers and earn increased sales! Very difficult to be ignored or missed, scratch cards make for a fascinating business promotional tool.

Use the irresistible urge to scratch for a win

In today's world of the advertising revolution there is nothing like the scratch cards to promote maximum retention of your business' product or service. The feeling of a surprise win is just too irresistible for any individual. They cannot be ignored and that is the reason why major retailers are resorting to the online vouchers route for a successful marketing campaign. Scratch cards are in this sense most effective in grabbing the attention of the customer and retaining it. If the individual wins 'something for nothing' then his feeling of happiness cannot be replicated by any other method.

Scratch cards have the distinctive ability to:

  • Draw new customers
  • Ensure happiness of existing customers
  • Pull back your old customers
  • Advertise new lines of product
  • Market product lines which are slow-moving

We, at Ruby Print N Pack have the expertise of using this effective tool to your maximum benefit. Allow us to devise this fun promotional tool for you and make your marketing strategy as successful as ever.

Get the Benefit of Cost-Effective Solutions

Small businesses shy away from using Scratch Card printing services for fear of high costs. But, at Ruby Print we accept orders as low as 1000 scratch cards. Our production processes are streamlined and the entire lots of scratch cards are printed all together rather than on an individual order basis and this makes scratch card printing for lesser quantities a viable proposition. This means that orders placed for a lesser quantity still get the benefit of a cost-effective price.

Tap the Endless Possibilities

The use of Scratch cards is never-ending. Various occasions such as in-store promotions, giveaways at trade shows, employee incentives, sporting events, direct mailings, fundraisers are just to name a few.

At Ruby Print N Pack we can guarantee that you meet success at each of the above occasions with the use of our designed and printed scratch cards. Following is a list of our key advantages:

  • The technical expertise of our team will ensure that the scratch card artwork is fully up to your expectations.
  • Attention will be paid to each and every detail of the whole process leaving you free to attend to other pressing business matters.
  • Our designing team will devise scratch cards that will complement your existing brand or develop something totally new.
  • We offer standard scratch card printing services India as well as bespoke solutions to suit your needs perfectly.
  • We are always ready to delve into the limitless possibilities to make your project come alive most effectively.

Why not give us a try and get more business to your company!

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